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How to plan a tea party for little girls: Planning the menu

January 11, 2017

Sonata will be turning 3 this month and she is obsessed with tea parties so I decided that a tea party would be the perfect theme for her birthday party. I picked out the colors, decor, even the cake, but I was at a standstill for the menu. Just what do people eat at tea parties? After doing more research I discovered tea party meals are served in 3 courses: 1. tea sandwiches and other savories 2. scones with cream and jam 3. desserts.

My dilemma was trying to find a few sandwich recipes that were acceptable to a young toddler/preschooler palate. I mean what toddler is going to eat a cucumber sandwich or smoked salmon one? I found a few recipes and decided to do a taste testing with Sonata to see which ones she’d reject.

Here are the recipes on the list:

  • Cucumber sandwich (butter and thinly sliced cucumber)
  • Ham & apricot spread
  • Bananas & strawberry cream cheese
  • strawberry jam and butter

So let’s see how this goes…

The cucumber sandwich: Passed! Surprisingly she loves it! They are really tasty by the way!

Ham & apricot spread: Passed! I did substitute for turkey ham since we don’t eat pork by personal preference but feel free to use real ham if you desire.

Bananas & strawberry cream cheese: Passed! This is a given. My daughter loves bananas!

Strawberry jam and butter: Passed! What kid doesn’t like strawberry jam? You can also use grape or raspberry jam instead for this one.

Overall, my daughter loved all these selections and I can now say the above menu of tea sandwiches is toddler/preschooler approved! Feel free to steal this menu for your own daughter’s tea party and do a taste test with her to make sure she likes it if you’re unsure.

Also, check out my Pinterest for more tea party ideas.

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